YCWhatsapp Download For Android

YCWhatsapp Download For Android

YCWhatsapp Download
YCWhatsapp Download

Despite the name, this app isn’t just another WhatsApp version. It is a Mod that lets you customize the interface with an appearance like Instagram. It provides awesome features that are not available in the official version. You can change its icon and can send long videos and large size files. You can add stories of more than 15 seconds to 30 seconds. Along all these features, it also provides a lot of stickers which comes pre downloaded in the app so you have stickers and emojis for every situation.

App Detail

App NameYC Whatsapp
Ratings           4.3
File Size21MB
Last Update1 Day Ago


YCWhatsapp Download
YCWhatsapp Download

WhatsApp is a messaging and chat app, but it lacks some great features. Many people know that WhatsApp lacks many great features, but they still use it because of its simplicity and accessibility. Users love using WhatsApp because of its simple installation process and ease in finding information about their contacts on the go; Though there are better alternatives out there such as Line or Telegram for Android Download YC WhatsApp-Mod apks.

The YC WhatsApp is an exciting new addition to the WhatsApp mods family. You can choose exactly what kind of features are best for your needs and comfort; it provides awesome options not found in the official WhatsApp application!

You can now make your WhatsApp look just like Instagram with the new YC WhatsApp Mod! The interface of this messaging application was originally designed to be used on desktop but you can change it for any other option if needed. you can customize its options according to your choice and need. 

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  • Improved control over privacy settings.
  • Inspired by Instagram screenshots and user interface.
  • Long WhatsApp videos and stories can be shared.
  • Integrated pointer settings
  • Customization of user interface, along with icons, fonts family and sizes.
  • Unlimited Pre-Downloaded stickers and emojis. 
  • Ability to change text fonts
  • Resize text content.
  • Create animated Instagram like photo.
  • Download stories to your phone.

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