WhatsDog APK Latest Version Free Download For Android 2021

WhatsDog APK
WhatsDog APK
App NameWhatsDog
AuthorSecond Lemon
File Size20.3 MB
CategoryApps For WhatsApp
RequirementAndroid 2.3+
Last Updated1 Day Ago

What is WhatsDog?

WhatsDog is a simple tool that lets you know when your friends are connected to WhatsApp, even if they have settings in the contact so it doesn’t show their last connection. This app gives users the ability spy on any phone number and find out what time or day it’s being called from by looking at WhatsApp chats.

Using this app is easy and convenient. You don’t need to install WhatsApp or even save a specific contact on your phone, because all it takes is entering the number you want in order for everything else like logging-in information etc., will be available at any time!

WhatsDog APK
WhatsDog APK

How Can We Use WhatsDog?

This app can tell you if your WhatsApp contacts are currently using the messaging platform. It allows access to all kinds of information, like when they last checked their phone or what device they’re on at any given time – even if that person doesn’t want other people seeing his/her status updates!

You’ve never seen anything like the app before! Once you download it, a list of records in order by time and date will pop up on your screen. This way when someone calls their phone number for 24 hours or one week; not only can they see how many minutes that particular call lasted but also which day/hour it started too.

Ever since you started using the app, a calendar has been created that shows your records by hours and days. You can also see when someone called in last 24 hours or 30-day period as well as how many minutes they spent on their phone during these times!

The WhatsDog app will let you know if your friend is using the service. It also shows how long they’ve been online and offline for, as well as what time their last notification was sent at – so it’s easy to keep track of all those important messages without interruption or distraction!


WhatsDog APK
WhatsDog APK

Best WhatsApp Spy App

The latest WhatsApp spy app has been one of the most popular choices for people who want to secretly monitor their partner’s messages and their WhatsApp activities. The use this APK is amazing and even if you’re new, it won’t take long before finding your footing with these services!

You can’t go wrong with a WhatsApp spy app that is this good! You’ll find yourself using it every day and loving the features. Downloading this APK takes less than 3 minutes so don’t wait around – get started today for some real spying goodness

Keep Everything Organized

Whatsdog gives you the ability to see how often your WhatsApp contact logs in and interacts with other people on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. In addition, it records their conversations time so that when one of these chats becomes relevant later down the line for some reason!

Free and Easy to Use

WhatsDog APK is totally safe to download and you can use this app without any hassle. Theinterface of WhatsDog is so clean so that you can easily manage and add numbers for tracking of your contacts. All you have to do is open the app and enter the phone number you want to spy.

No-Rooting Needed

Rooting your device is certainly the way to go if you want more control over what apps are on there, but rooting isn’t necessary for WhatsDog. This app does not use any system-level tools that would require this level of access and so it won’t affect how much data or personal information we collect from users’ phones in case they decide down the line to switch between different messaging apps which happen sometimes since people change preferences based upon moods.

Device rooting can be harmful in many ways; luckily though we don’t need such intensive workarounds when using WhatsDog as well!

Download and Install WhatsDog for Android

WhatsDog APK
WhatsDog APK
  • First of all, you need to download this app from the download button given below.
  • The downloading will start instantly and will take some time depend upon your internet speed.
  • As soon as the downloading completes, open the download folder and navigate to the file. 
  • Before installation, allow unknown source from the setting so that there will be no issue while installation.
  • Open the app APK by clicking its icon and the installation will start instantly.
  • As soon as the installation completes, you can start using this awesome app.

Pros and Cons of WhatsDog

WhatsDog APK
WhatsDog APK
Spy tool that provides information about the using on the WhatsApp of the number you enter.It may invade people privacy.
View detailed history of the calls and the app using duration as well.
Get information for signing in with your phone number.


What is WhatsDog?

It is an app that provides you the information about someone WhatsApp using routine, when he use the app, his last seen and the time he called to someone and the call duration and more information.

How to Update WhatsDog?

It is a spying app and it is not listed on play store so you have to visit our website regularly so you will not miss any new update to use the latest version of the app.

Final Thoughts

Do you want to know what your contacts are up too? Check their level of WhatsApp addiction and see if they’re chatting online thanks to the app on Android phones. In addition, it also lets us know when someone called so download WhatsDogfrom here today by clicking the download button.

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