WhatsApp Arab APK Download Latest Version 2021

WhatsApp Arab

WhatsApp Arab
WhatsApp Arab

WhatsApp Arab is a new moded version of the official WhatsApp and has been created for people in Arabic-speaking countries. The theme reflects typical cultures across this area. The new WhatsApp Arab is a themeless, flat design focused on representing the Arabic culture. The emojis have been updated in order to keep chats exciting and entertaining for everyone!

This mod has some Arabic cultural themes that make you fall for Arab and its culture. This mod is indeed a gem! To know more about this amazing, yet little known app, read the full article or ask me in comment section if your interested on how it’s used – I’ll be happy to answer all of those burning questions concerning our favourite new released app!

WhatsApp Arab Download Latest Version

WhatsApp Arab
WhatsApp Arab
App NameWhatsApp Arab
File Size35.5 MB
Last Updated1 Day Ago

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WhatsApp Arab
WhatsApp Arab
  • Anti-Ban: this app offers anti ban system so you can use its features without any worries. 
  • DND Mode: you can use DND node if you want some private quality time by enabling this Do Not Disturb Mode.
  • Auto Reply: it have the option to text message automatically if you are busy and did not reply.
  • Status Saver: without any third party or going out of the app, you can save the statuses of the contacts easily with single click.
  • Theme Store: this app has its own theme store so you can select your desired theme for your messaging app.
  • Hide Online Status: you can hide your online status an blue ticks as well!
  • Better Privacy Options: you can enjoy better privacy features by using this awesome mod.
  • Increase Forward Limit: now using this app, you can forward the same message to more than 5 persons in single time.


WhatsApp Arab
WhatsApp Arab

What Is WhatsApp Arab?

This is another modified version of WhatsApp and basically created by the inspirations of Arab culture. This mod was developed to be more user-friendly for those living in a region with an Arabic majority population, specifically UAE (United Arab Emirates).

The design includes features not available on original WhatsApp apps like stickers or emojis which are used mostly outside America’s English speaking countries but can also make conversations easier when communicating across borders where people speak different languages due largely because you won’t have problems understanding each other through text alone if your language isn’t Standard American English.

How to download & Install WhatsApp Arab?

Open the download page and click on the download button to start downloading.
Enable “unknown source” from the settings and then install the file. 
After the installation, give your phone number and enters OTP sent to that number and start using this mod.

How to update WhatsApp Arab?

To check you are using an updated version of this mod, keep visiting newapkz.com.

Is it safe to use WhatsApp Arab?

The data in this mod is 100% safe and secure. You can use it for your personal or official projects without fear of leaking any confidential information, making it a great choice if you’re looking to protect sensitive files!

FInal Thoughts

WhatsApp Arab
WhatsApp Arab

This mod is a great way to spread the Arabic culture across your friends and family. There are tons of emojis which represent clothing, food items or even body parts from all around the world that show how diverse our heritage really is!

The best thing about these stickers? You can customize them so each one means something different in terms of language preference when it comes down to talking with someone who speaks another tongue than English.

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