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WhatsApp APK
WhatsApp APK

WhatsApp APK

WhatsApp APK is a messaging app that allows you to send text messages, voice messages and video calls. This amazing application also lets users share their data such as images or documents with others on the platform which makes it perfect for sharing special moments!

WhatsApp is now being officially used in workplaces such as offices, schools and also during emergency situations. This app has become a part of our lives with its use spreading to other aspects that are important for every individual’s daily routine like work or family time because it offers an easy way communicate without worrying about missing messages when away from your phone

The future seems bright for this company for providing facilities to the users.

WhatsApp APK
WhatsApp APK
App NameWhatsApp APK
AuthorWhatsApp LLC
File Size43 MB
Last Updated1 Day Ago

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WhatsApp APK Features

WhatsApp APK
WhatsApp APK

Voice Messages:

Voice messages are a great way to avoid misunderstandings when you need clarification or want your contact’s attention. The WhatsApp APK allows for Voice Message attachment which is perfect because every message matters! You can send voice mails that will be delivered via WhatsApp APK and it’s easy too!

Photos and Video Sharing:

Another interesting and amazing feature of WhatsApp APK is that you can share your happy, sad, or emotional moments with the people who matter most in life: Your family. This helps give an honest account for how we feel on certain days so they know what’s going through our minds without having to ask!

You can now share your feelings with friends and family in the form of photos, videos or even voice messages. This is an amazing feature that will make you feel much better after sharing some moments!

Voice and Video Calls:

The new app for calls, WhatsApp lets you call your friends and family just like they are sitting right next to you. You can either use voice or video chat with this innovative service that has it all under control!

This app will allow you to make voice or video calls with just one click. It’s perfect for people who are not good at typing!

WhatsApp APK
WhatsApp APK

Document Sharing:

WhatsApp is the best way to share any type of file, including documents like PDFs and spreadsheets. Document sharing is an extraordinary feature of WhatsApp. It means you can send all kinds of data such as PDF, and spreadsheets without other document sharing apps!

Secure Messaging: 

This app is surely a perfect way to chat because it provides end-to-end encryption. This means your messages, calls and status stay only between you with the people who choose them for themselves – no one outside of this conversation can read or listen in on anything that goes on inside their chat window. no one outside can read them!

WhatsApp Business:

If you can not separate your work and personal contacts on WhatsApp, then try out the Business version of this app that separates them into different groups.

Desktop Access: 

WhatsApp has introduced desktop access, meaning you can now use their app on the computer too! WhatsApp is a messaging app that you can use on the desktop as well.

Hidden Features

WhatsApp APK
WhatsApp APK
  • It provides you the ability to Share Live Location.
  • Limit Data Used by WhatsApp so do not worry about data shortage.
  • Quote Messages feature is also added in this Mod.
  • Set Privacy Options so that there will be no issue of your privacy any way.
  • Pin Conversation or make Shortcuts to reach them fast without finding them or searching them.
  • Schedule WhatsApp Messages if you want to send them at a specific time or event.
  • WhatsApp Sticker Packs make a whole new thing to chat with stickers to express your emotions more clearly with stickers.
  • Hide a WhatsApp Chat if you did not want anyone can see that in your chats tab.
  • Make UPI payments easy.
  • Send long-duration Audio Recordings that is not available in the actual application of WhatsApp.
  • Hide Notification from the Lock Screen so no one outsider can read your private notification
  • Backup Data on Google Drive prevent the loss of data.
  • Mark Messages to Answer Later so they will remind you that you have some un opened messages that you need to open.
  • Delete Message After you have Sent them to save your memory space.
  • Email your Chat Conversations to anyone you like them to read.
  • Change WhatsApp Number shift from one number to another without any issue.
  • Hear Voice Messages Privately via Earpiece is a next level feature which is added in this Mod.
  • Hide WhatsApp Photos and Videos from Gallery can save your private pictures and videos from other people.
  • Change WhatsApp Chat Background.
  • Secure your WhatsApp using Fingerprint Lockthis is a more secure way to keep your data secure.
  • Hide Particular Contacts from Viewing your Story. Those people will not able to see your uploaded stories.
  • Read Deleted Messages on WhatsApp. Means you can read the messages in the chat tab even they are deleted by the sender.
  • Mark Message so that you can Easily Find them Later.
  • Now you can Transfer Files Between PC and Phone Using WhatsApp.
  • Read Messages Without being given away by Blue Ticks.
  • Assign Different Priority and Sound to Different Notifications. You can now assign different notification tune for different contacts by using this cool feature.
  • Check Exactly When a Particular Person read your WhatsApp Message. This feature is also available in the original app.
  • You can Change Font, Bold, Italics, Strikethrough of your WhatsApp Messages.

How to Download & Install WhatsApp on Android?

WhatsApp APK
WhatsApp APK

It’s a step-by-step procedure so you need to carefully follow all these steps to successfully download and install WhatsApp.

  • Go to your mobile web browser and their search WhatsApp.
  • From the given results, open the website of your choice and go to the download page.
  • From the download page, click on the download button to start the downloading instantly.
  • Wait for the downloading to complete. It may take a minute or two depending on your net speed.
  • As soon as the downloading completes, go to the downloaded folder and click on the apk file to start installation process.
  • Before installation, make sure to enable unknown source from the settings to avoid any installation issue.
  • Open the apk file and click on install.
  • The installation is an automatic process and after installation, it will ask your mobile number on which you want to create account.
  • Enter number and verify it by OTP sent to this number from WhatsApp.
  • As soon as you verify, it will ask you to place your name and picture if you want and you are ready to use its awesome features!



What is WhatsApp Application?

WhatsApp Messenger is an app used to chat with your friends. It is used and liked by many people all over the world. This app has now become the world’s most popular app.

How to Update WhatsApp?

WhatsApp always improves bugs in its new update. If you want to make sure to use an updated version of this app, then keep visiting newapkz.com to enjoy its features.


WhatsApp is the best chatting app that gives you so many features which one can not imagine. The features in this app are all so amazing such as sending voice messages, share photos, videos, and documents, etc. This app is not only for a chat with friends but you can also use this for your official work.