WhatsApp Aero APK Download Latest Version 2021

As we all know there are a lot of WhatsApp mods for users to chat with their friends. Some popular ones include Aero, which has almost all the functions as well as some other extraordinary features that make it stand out from other similar communication apps.

WhatsApp Aero APK
WhatsApp Aero APK

To get the most out of WhatsApp Aero, it’s important that you have a solid understanding of how this app works. So read on for helpful information about installation guidelines and features!

WhatsApp Aero Latest Version Download

WhatsApp Aero APK
WhatsApp Aero APK
App NameWhatsApp Aero
AuthorBozkurt Hazarr and Fouad Mokdad
Size50.2 MB
Last Updated1 Day Ago

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WhatsApp Aero

WhatsApp Aero APK
WhatsApp Aero APK

WhatsApp Aero is the latest mod of WhatsApp, which has been designed to provide a friendly user chat environment. It was created by Bozkurt Hazarr and Fouad Mokdad; this gorgeous looking app also comes with some amazing features such as its ease-of use interface design that will make your conversation more immersive than before!

This mod has so many extraordinary features that everyone should try this at least one time. It’s got an appealing user interface, like other mods; it offers end-to-end encryption for messaging which makes the whole experience perfect if you’re looking to stay safe on your journey with friends or family members while on mobile!


WhatsApp Aero APK
WhatsApp Aero APK

New Appealing User Interface: This mod has an appealing UI which makes it very unique and attractive to use.

Aero Themes: You can change the colour of your own choice with this mod. You’ll havemultiple themes for different types of needs, so you won’t get bored anytime soon!

Anti Virus: The new security features in this mod will keep your device safe and sound, even if someone tries to get their hands on it by sending a virus.

DND Mode: DND mode is a great way to block notifications while watching videos on your device. You can even use it if you want less distractions and just focus on what’s happening in front of the screen. This mod enables DNT (Do Not Disturb) Mode, which allows its user’s devices’ sound levels or vibrations – whichever one applies-to be turned off completely so that no alerts will bother them during video playback; perfect for those who enjoy consuming content such as TV shows with no interruption from other sounds around them!

Numerous Topics and Sticker Packs: Stickers are the new way to spice up your chat. With so many stickers, you’ll have an endless supply of witty comebacks at the ready! There are so many stickers in this mod that you will never get bored of your chat.

Better Security: The best way to keep your data safe is by having this app. It has a strict security lock that makes sure nobody can open it without the proper passcode or key, so you don’t have worry about hackers accessing any of what’s inside! If someone tries to open this app, they have to get through the hard-to-beat code you set up yourself!

Home Screen Customizations: With this new home screen customization mode, you can change up the look of your messaging appanytime.

Other Customizations: You can choose from a variety of different customization options to make your message stand out. You could change the font style, size and color for example!

Data Size: With the upgraded mod for WhatsApp, you can send larger files than before.The new limit is 2GB!

Data Quality: In this mod, you can also send data that won’t be degraded or altered. For example: if your bank account information is too high-quality for a text message and needs to go over long distances instead of short ones – we’ve got you covered! You can be confident that your data will always arrive in its original quality with the highest level of encryption.

How to Download and Install?

WhatsApp Aero APK
WhatsApp Aero APK
  • This mod is not available on Play Store. Download the APK file from here by clicking the download button above.
  • Wait until the download completes, it can take some minutes depending on your internet speed.
  • After download completes, open the file location where you saved the APK file.
  • Allow installation from Unknown Source to install the app on your device.
  • Now confirm and verify your phone number by OTP on which you want to make an account.
  • Confirm the verification by entering the code and start using the app!


WhatsApp Aero APK
WhatsApp Aero APK

Is WhatsApp Aero APK legal?

Yes. WhatsApp Aero APK is a legal app for use and we can not say that this one will get you in trouble because the original WhatsApp has yet to come out with an announcement about it’s legality or illegality, so let’s just wait until things become clearer!

Is WhatsApp Aero safe?

This mod is the perfect way to enjoy your favourite hobby without worrying about getting malware. Many people have used this program with no issues and it provides safety from any viruses or harmful malicious software! This mod is safe and secure to use. With this in mind, many people have used the app without complaint about its security or anti-virus features!

How do I download & install WhatsApp Aero?

If you’re looking for the best mod on our site newapkz.com, look no further. This is because it can be Downloaded Here! Just follow these simple steps and guidelines when downloading to ensure that everything goes smoothly without any problems whatsoever

How do I update WhatsApp Aero?

If you want to make sure that your WhatsApp installation is up-to date, visit our website newapkz.com regularly for better app performance!

Final Thoughts

WhatsApp Aero APK is a modified version of the original WhatsApp. It has very unique features for its users, and you can also download this app from our site by clicking on download link given above!

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