Spotify Premium Family: How It Works & Costs?

How Does Spotify Family Work?

How Does Spotify Family Work
How Does Spotify Family Work

Spotify Premium is popular for a number of reasons: the service does not include ads, offers high-quality music with no delay and more.

The most frequently asked question by Spotify users is, is Spotify free forever?

Spotify’s premium membership allows you to listen without interruption from song-to-song as well as other features such like offline listening capabilities, and allow users in different countries around the world access delicious content they wouldn’t otherwise have been able too if it weren’t available through this particular streaming platform.

Family Plans allow members in the same household to enjoy Spotify Premium benefits without having to pay for multiple subscriptions.

How Does Spotify Family Works
How Does Spotify Family Works

If you’re looking for the best way to listen tunes with your family, then Premium Family is the best. This plan comes complete with an automatic mix curated just for those in-house + up to six different accounts all at once! For an extra charge there are even features like Spotify Kids (for ages 12 and under) which offers a library full of kid friendly music without any expletive songs—plus it’s completely free if kids don’t have their own account yet). Parents can use this service on behalf their kids without worry since everything they listen too will be safe.

Spotify Premium Family is an excellent service, but it won’t be worth the purchase if you’re only planning on using this account with two people. In other words: don’t get Premium unless your household consists of more than 3 members or if one person desperately wants access to Spotify Kids (and can provide proof). Otherwise, there are cheaper alternatives available! Just like Duo accounts, these aren’t allowed for friends outside your address – which means no visiting family during their stay over from overseas

“The changes to the policy allow Spotify to arbitrarily use the location of an individual to ascertain if they continue to reside at the same address when using a family account, and it’s unclear how often Spotify will query users’ devices for this information,” said Christopher, technology lead for UK watchdog group Privacy International

Spotify, uses their premier service holder’s location information only to confirm that they are living at the same place or they belong to the same family or not, Nothing more. 

How Much Is Spotify Premium Family?

How Much Is Spotify Premium Family
How Much Is Spotify Premium Family

Spotify offers a Family Plan, which gives Premium access to up to six accounts for $14.99 per month instead of the original price – but it still isn’t cheap because you have 6 people on one plan!

Premium accounts can be costly for an entire household to join on separate accounts, which is why Spotify offers a Family Plan that gives Premium access up to 6 people at $14.99 per month!

How Much Is Spotify Premium Family
How Much Is Spotify Premium Family

If you split this amount evenly, at most $4.99 if in a family of three and around $2 for groups six or more! This plan also cheaper option to have your university roommates on family plans rather than individual student accounts because it’s much less expensive per person as well gets used up quickly with multiple users so they need plenty sharers when considering budgeting purposes too.

With a Family Plan, you can enjoy the same Spotify Premium benefits without having to pay for multiple subscriptions.  With this plan members of one household are able to listen together on their own devices or with others as well!

It’s important to note that before you can sign up for Spotify Premium, your family member will need to invite you. This is because they are the account holder and have exclusive access rights over who gets into their Family plan; meaning only them or other approved members may join in on this awesome benefits!

Here are the steps to do so! You can do this by using your smartphone as well as your PC or laptop.

How To Add People To Spotify Family?

How To Add People To Spotify Family
How To Add People To Spotify Family

Although it may seem like a lot of work, having your household subscribe to Spotify Premium Family is the first step in getting you all on board with this awesome new offer. In order to send an invite and accept the access request, one of the members in your household has already got a family subscription.

Before others will be allowed to join, the owner of an account needs to set their address on Spotify. This can be done from within the user profile by visiting the official website of Spotify. 

As soon as they set the address and sends you the invitation, you should follow the following steps to join the family subscription easily:

  • If you receive an invitation to join someone’s Premium Family, just click or tap on the link.
How To Add People To Spotify Family
How To Add People To Spotify Family
  • On the next screen just click on the “Accept Invitation” button.
  • Log in to Spotify if not already, but if you have not sign up till now, follow on screen instructions to sign up and then sign in using your login details and fill the required information for family subscription.
  • You’ll need to verify that you live at the address on your account. Confirm it by clicking or tapping “Confirm Location” or you can enter the address manually as well.  
  • “Confirm Location” will use your device’s location services to confirm that you’re physically located at the right address. So, if you’re physically located at the right address, then confirm your location to get started.
  • You can “Enter address manually” to input your address so that it matches with that of the Spotify Premium Family account’s owner.
  • After address confirmation and verification, click on the option of “Confirm”. You can change the address by clicking on the “edit” button as well.
  • If everything goes well and your address is verified then your premium family subscription will activate immediately on your account as well.

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