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Spotify Premium
Spotify Premium

Spotify is the latest platform of music which has broken all the rules of previous music streaming applications and websites by launching a service which presents all the premium, new and old songs and podcasts at one place without anything left to imagination. The service which started few years ago and is limited to few countries including United States and United Kingdom is currently the sole platform of live music streaming which has broken all the barriers for music lovers.

Unlimited Spotify Premium Services

The Spotify which is a premium services starting from $10 per month, regular package with many different packages and discounts lets its user enjoy any number of live streams any time without any restrictions for life. The subscription which for some might be a lot but if they compare the services with those of other platform would realize that they have no comparison of options being offered. It offers premium features which are currently not being offered by any other service for such low prices for life time.

Double Your Bit-Rate Pleasure

The offers like downloading any number of tracks regardless of their nature, new top released or old rare tracks make Spotify stand alone in the list of music streaming service industry. There are many other features too; the app can work on low speed without lots of buffering, gives the user options to create any number of playlist which can be shared by friend and people in their circles and many more.

But today we will be taking a look at the new Spotify Premium Mod Apk which as its name suggests if the cracked copy of application. Though most people would wonder what a mod apk is and how it could be used and accessed for day to day use. Let’s have a brief look at what it is and the features which are being offered. Mod APK or Modded Applications are the cracked version of original one which is usually released by programmers and developers for people who cannot afford to pay the subscription charges or amounts which are required by the big companies for their services.

No Wait For New Releases

Thus the use of Spotify Premium Mod apk which as its name suggests is the free copy of the original app for people who are looking to use the services without paying subscription or are living in the countries where the services are not yet officially released. Though most people will ask how this is possible and how could the same services could be unlocked for people who are not subscribers and can use the services without it. SO let me give you a quick background on how Mod Apk works. Or check out the Spotify Android Version.

Spotify Free vs Premium: Should You Pay to Play?

The modded version is released using the same version but all the restrictions and limits are removed or disabled by the programmers which help the user enjoy the limitless options without any hurdles. In easy words it’s the replica without any expensive monthly charge and fear or running out of package restrictions and limits. The latest cracked version which was released last month has now been updated for all the features which were not present in the old versions.

No Ads

The popping of advertisements after few minutes or during streaming is the biggest hurdle for free users; even the people who are using the cracked versions face this issue. But these latest Spotify Apk and Spotify For Pc Windows have been completely cleansed of these unwanted popping ads thus making it the first available version which is free of all annoying breaks for advertisements to continue. Now you can enjoy podcasts and music without any skip ads or closing multiple issues.

Unlimited Downloads

Spotify monthly premium members have the option of downloading limited number of files per month restricted by their account package but if you are looking at Spotify Premium for PC you will be astonished that there is no restriction of such sort. Yes there is no downloading cap for users who like to listen to offline music at work or while at place without internet. The download can be done using the in app feature without using any other extension or application and no bandwidth limit. Even for the people who are using Spotify For PC can use the direct download feature without installing Bluestack or another platform.

Unlimited Number Of Playlists

Playlists are the collection of songs or podcasts or albums which are gathered by person marked as favorite to be listened to whenever they want without searching for tracks all the time.

There are tons of excellent feature available on Spotify but as we all know they are doing some best work and that’s why they need some big money. That’s the main reason for the launch of Spotify Premium APK even they have set some costly plan to use this service.

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It’s not necessary that everyone can buy this premium service because Spotify’s costly plans are not affordable for many of us. You might are thinking that why they are charging so much and why they have so costly plans? We will answer your question along with how to download Spotify premium apk in our next section. Let’s take a quick look at its feature.

Spotify Free vs Spotify Premium

Spotify’s awesome songs collection and some extraordinary feature are responsible for costly plans. They have managed all feature very well for both Free and Premium users.

They need to pay the price of songs to its copyright holder and they get some heavy maintenance every month to keep the app updated on all available devices. These are the main reason for why they are charging so much but not limited.

We recommend to use an official premium version of the app instead of other root versions. It is not legal to use someone’s premium services free and without knowing them. You will get some quality feature on the premium version, below we have listed some of them.


You might not sure which version is most suit for your need, free or premium? But we know very well which version suits your need best and we will help you to take a decision by describing advantages and disadvantages of Premium and Free.

Spotify Premium APK Download

What you will most love in the premium version is that you will be free from frustrating ads. In the free version, sometimes those ads change our mood and result in quitting the app. This is one of the main reason users are transferring from free to premium.
You can download up to 3300 music on up to 3 devices to listen this music offline when you have no internet connection available.

You will get high-quality music on premium version. In the free version, you have only access to 96kbps and 128kbps while by purchasing premium version, you will unlock 320kbps high quality. You will get up to 50 percent discount on family plan which allows four members to use premium service. Every week, Spotify will create some new and awesome playlists for you which you have not heard before.


We can understand that for some people this premium version is not affordable and that’s why we have made this post to help you to download Spotify Premium APK on your android device.

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Spotify Premium Mod APK (Unlocked) Free Download

Spotify Premium Mod APK (Unlocked) Free Download