Primo APK Download Latest Version For Android 2021

Primo APK
Primo APK

Primo APK is a free calling app that lets you send unlimited calls and messages to friends, family members or any other person with an email address. It’s similar to WhatsApp but has some differences including the fact it does not have limits on distance for contacts which makes this better if your trying avoid pricey international rates from cell phone providers!

Primo dialer can connect those living far from each other via WhatsApp-like messaging service for absolutely zero cost whatsoever – talk all day long if need be because your chats will never come at an expense

App Info

App NamePrimo APK
File Size40.4 MB
RequirementAndroid 4.2+
Last Updated1 Day Ago

Primo APK

Primo APK
Primo APK

Primo APK is a great app that you can use to make video and voice calls in more than 30 countries. Want an even better deal? It’s completely free! Calling someone who doesn’t have the Primo APK app installed? You can call them without being identified by hiding your caller ID, send free SMS messages to any number but there’s something special about calling users who don’t have Primo installed on their device – it masks your caller ID while making the call (and vice versa). This could be extremely useful if need an instant way of communicating!

The Premium version of this app lets you call, SMS or even talk abroad for free. This is very useful if you are always on the move and want access to your favourite numbers no matter where in the world they happen be located! All of this is for free so you don’t have to spend your balance. If you are a regular international caller, Premo APK is really useful for you.

How Can We Use Primo APK For Android?

Primo APK
Primo APK

Downloading this application is not very complicated. You must first enter your mobile phone number and verify your identity with the code, then if you agree to download a complete contact list for 10 minutes of free calls as well as seeing all numbers in it from peers that have opted-in already – otherwise pay up credit which can be used against calling them later on!

If you want to try this app and download the .apk file, make sure that before downloading any charges pop up. Check with your Internet service provider if they’ve given permission for use or not! If not, there could be unpleasant surprises charging for certain tasks!


Primo APK
Primo APK
  • Using this app requires no root.
  • You will get a free virtual number.
  • Make free voice and video calls all over the world.
  • You can also hide your caller ID if you want.
  • You can send unlimited messages to anyoneyou want.
  • Very easy and easy to use registrationprocess.

Download and Install Primo APK For Android

Primo APK
Primo APK
  • We are confident that you will find this app useful. To download it, click the link below!
  • You can go directly to where it says “Download” at the end of this article- no need for middlemen or any other pesky human interference.
  • We have personally tested our work on these programs and they’ve turned out 100% successful – plus they’re safe too so there’s nothing else standing between yourself and success but time…and maybe someone else who wants what YOU got first…
  • Download the Primo APK file from the download button.
  • Go to the File Manager on your Android device and click on the downloaded file to open it.
  • The only thing to note is that to accept“Unknown Sources Install” setting to avoid any issue while installing the app.
  • If you did not enabled yet, you can configure itby going to Settings/Security/Privacy/Installing Apps from Unknown Sources.
  • Once you have installed the Primo APK, launch this app and use its awesome features.


Primo APK
Primo APK

What is the primo app used for?

Primo app is used for online video and audio calling all across 60 countries and you can send text messages through it as well and it provides many other features as well!

Is the primo app free?

Primo is a free app to download, you can download it free of cost but it may cost you to make a call or send a message depends upon your internet service provider. It offers many tasks that you can perform quickly to get free talk time that you can use to call free of cost. It is an app like WhatsApp where you can share data and can make video calls, voice calls, video notes and voice clips as well!

Final Thoughts

Primo is a free calling app that allows you to send free calls and messages, without any monthly fees. You can use Primo services in over 60 countries across the world! With this service there are no limits on how many people or timeslots your loved ones will be able communicate through video chat with each other all while being connected via 3G/4G network coverage for high-speed internet access too – Download it now from Google Play store today and find out what more information about their features available within our website here.

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