OGWhatsApp APK Download (Official) Latest Version 2021

OGWhatsApp APK is not just a perfect chatting app for you to chat with your friends and relatives, but also the best choice that can make sure of youstaying connected. OG WhatsApp offers an exclusive user-friendly UI which implies all users are able to get accustomed very quickly without any problem at all in using this particular messaging service on their own devices!OGWhatsApp is a perfect choice for you to stay connected with your loved ones. It’s safe and reliable, so it can be used as either the primary or secondary account on any phone!

OG WhatsApp is a mod for the original version of WhatsApp that can give you some new features. In this article, I’ll tell you about what they are and how to install it! To download this mod for your device read on! In order to fully enjoy all that it has offer you have to follow some simple steps.


OGWhatsApp is one of the best mods for WhatsApp that has been created by Third-Party developers. It was originally designed to give users more features and options, but due its popularity with many people around the world; it quickly became a must have app in your phone!

The main feature of this mod is that you can explore thousands of different themes. You candecide what privacy concerns are appropriate for yourself such as who to show your status updates, profile pictures and chatting with others in chat rooms!

Download OGWhatsApp Latest Version

OGWhatsApp APK
OGWhatsApp APK
App NameOG WhatsApp
Android Requirement5.0 or above
File size50 MB
Last updated1 day ago

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OGWhatsApp Features

Anti-Ban: This mod has a feature that enables you to get rid of getting banned, which is why it’s 100% safe and secure.


Deleted messages show you what your friends are up to without having them reveal it themselves. You can spot when they’ve deleted a message by looking at these deleted items, and learn more about their busy days with this information!

Password Protected:

This is a great feature to set up passwords for individual chat threads. This can not be done inthe original WhatsApp, which makes it more useful and cooler.

Colorful Themes:

There are more than 1000 different themes to choose from, so you’ll have no problem finding a design that suits your taste.

Calling Unsaved Numbers:

You can call or message any person without adding their number to your contact list. This feature saves you time!

Status Downloader:

You can’t actually download a status in official WhatsApp without an external status downloader. This feature enables you to get your friend’s statuses directly, and without any hassle!

Send Images Up To 90:

You can send up to 90 images at one time without the need of uploading them first. This feature is not available in original WhatsApp and could be a very helpful option for those who have tons of photos they want shared with friends fast!

Increased Characters for Group name:

The limits in OG WhatsApp are more generous when it comes to group names. You can have up to 35 characters as compared 25 on official WhatsApp, which is a great advantage over other chat apps!

Pre-built Message Scheduler:

One of its cool features is that you can wish someone in time or welcome at a specific time by enabling this feature of scheduler.

Increased Characters for Written Status:

With the help of this mod, you can put up to 250 words in your status and still maintain a formal tone.

Inbuilt WhatsApp Locker:

A secure WhatsApp Locker is an option that you can turn on for your whole app. This will protect it from intruders who try to make use of the weaknesses in security.

Dual Accounts:

Dual accounts are the norm for most people, but it is possible to operate two separate phone numbers with this mod. You will have more control over your account because you can switch between them at any time and keep all settings in one place!

New Features In Latest Version

  • You can hide your connection status very easily.
  • You will get great data backup and recovery options in this mod.
  • To keep the high quality of images, you can send unzipped images, so their original quality will remain same.
  • You will get lots of new emojis in the latest version.
  • By using this mod, you can send more types of file formats, such as eBooks for instance.
  • You can preview images and videos in the latest mode without downloading them.


OGWhatsApp APK
OGWhatsApp APK
OGWhatsApp APK
OGWhatsApp APK
OGWhatsApp APK
OGWhatsApp APK

System Requirements

  • You must have android version 5.0 or above.
  • You can install it on both Rooted or Non-rooted android devices.

How To Download and Install OG WhatsApp

You need to follow some simple steps which are given below to download this mod:

  • Open your mobile web browser and search for OGWhatsApp.
  • Now download the app by pressing the download button.
  • The APK file will start to download.
  • Head towards the android settings and then from there, go to security settings.
  • From there, turn the option on of “Install Apps from Unknown Sources.”
  • Now you just sit back and wait for the installation to complete.
  • After successfully installing you can open the app and enjoy the best features they are providing.

Is OGWhatsApp safe?

So, you want to install the OGWhatsApp mod on your phone? Great! Just be aware that there are no reports of malware issues in this version, and it is 100% safe. You should not root (hack) device so it will be better.



What is OG WhatsApp?

OG WhatsApp is a modified version of the original that was created by an outside developer team.

How do I download OG WhatsApp?

Downloading this app is very simple, you just need to click “Download OG WhatsApp” button on this page to download it.

How do I update the OG WhatsApp?

To ensure you have the latest version of OG WhatsApp, make sure to visit our website. If you’re still using an old version of WhatsApp, make sure to stay up-to-date with the latest updates by visiting our website regularly!


This is a fact that you cannot deny as well that OGWhatsapp is one of the best MOD of WhatsApp with lots of new and improved features. There are more than 1000 themes from which you will never get bored.

This post has all the necessary information about OGWhatsapp I hope you will liked this article.

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