Most Difficult Missions in GTA 5

Difficult Missions in GTA 5
Difficult Missions in GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 is an action-adventure game with many missions in it. These are all very difficult, so if you want a challenge there’s nothing better than trying these out!

The popularity of the title speaks for itself–it has been one of the most sold video games ever since its launch and continues to be loved by millions across different platforms today as well.

The game features many missions, and also has Hardest Missions for any player to complete! It’s an action-adventure that was created by Rockstar North with publishing done on behalf their own company -Rockstar Games.

Grand Theft Auto V, considered by many as one of Rockstar’s best games features a technical breadth that only few open world thrillers can dream off. Missions are located all over Los Santos (a fictional city), consisting mostly from driving cars or riding motorcycles while performing various tasks like robbing banks, assassinating certain people etc.

Difficult Missions in GTA 5
Difficult Missions in GTA 5

Want to know more about the most difficult mission in GTA V APK? Here’s a list of our top 5 hardest missions. These are known as “the hardest” or maybe even ‘impossible’ missions for those who have completed them, and many people talk about these challenges!

The most difficult missions in the franchise are just so hard to complete, but that doesn’t make them any less compelling. Because of this I’ve listed below my picks for some especially tough quest lines:

5 Most Difficult Missions in GTA V

Difficult Missions in GTA 5
Difficult Missions in GTA 5

The GTA series is well-known for a lot of things, such as freedom and authenticity. It has also been said that this game offers an open world with plenty to do in it–a place where you can make your own fun rather than having every choice made by designers or developers. One thing people may not know about the franchise though? That some missions could bring severe difficulty spikes which are not appreciated by fans who want their games easy enough so they don’t need multiple playthroughs just like other aspects from previous titles were available without much effort required at all times during playtime (like driving).

Following are the top difficult and hardest missions in GTA V:

Difficult Missions in GTA 5
Difficult Missions in GTA 5


If you’re new to the game, Derailed is probably one of the toughest missions in GTA 5 apk. This mission requires that players manage two characters with very little time left on their phone or tablet screen- which makes switching between Trevor and Michael challenging for anyone who doesn’t have a lot experience playing this game!

You have to aim and land your bike on the running train while many of your enemies are attacking from helicopters and boats. You will have to be very quick and agile in order not get hit by the helicopter or boat that are chasing you. You also need some luck because there may appear other enemies on top. The mission is also very enjoyable, as it teaches players about how they should take control in a situation like this with plenty of action-packed moments along the way!

Did Somebody Say Yoga?

Did somebody say yoga? The most difficult and hardest mission in the game. In this challenging task, you need to balance your player with perfect control for a few minutes or less if possible! If they manage it then that person will receive an awesome gold medal reward.

Coyote Cross Country Triathlon

When it comes to running, there is no such thing as too far. The Coyote Cross Country Triathlon mission in GTA 5 will take you on a journey that demands everything from your swimming skills and cycling knowledge all the way up into an intense uphill ascent through rugged terrain!

The stamina in this mission is key to success. You have to get medals from swimming, running and cycling if you want 100% completion rate of your mind-based task! Your technique will be important as opposed unnecessary moves that only slow down progress towards the objective – which was completing all three sports events with gold stars for best performance on each one (running/cycling/ swimming).

Flight School

The next and fourth most difficult mission in GTA 5 is flight school. It’s one of the longest missions, with a total time limit for completion around 30 minutes (depending on skill). The tasks range from flying through hoops like landing or flipping planes to avoid obstacles while keeping your medal count up high; they’re all available as soon as you start it so don’t worry about getting lost!This mission can be very interesting or irritating for you. It all depends upon your skills in flying a plane.

Difficult Missions in GTA 5
Difficult Missions in GTA 5

Minor Turbulence

The Minor Turbulence mission in GTA V is one that I find to be very boring. It’s also difficult, because you have to follow a cargo plane while being careful about how far away from them you are at any given time or else, they’ll take off! This particular type task isn’t really fun but does involve some skilful flying so its not as bad when done right 🙂

This article is a list of the top 5 most difficult and hardest missions in GTA APK. Let us know which mission you find hardest when playing through V, as there are many to choose from!

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