JTWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version For Android 2021

JTWhatsApp APK
JTWhatsApp APK

JT WhatsApp is a must have for those who want to stand out from the rest. This mod has been specially designed with features that will make your experience in messaging more fun and engaging! You can now use two different accounts on one device.

App NameJTWhatsApp
File Size46.7 MB
RequirementAndroid 4.0.3
Last Updated1 Day Ago

What is JT WhatsApp?

JTWhatsApp APK
JTWhatsApp APK

The idea of combining two different WhatsApp accounts into one device sounds like a good idea to many people. However, what if you want all your messages on one particular account? Well then, this mod could be just right for you! With features such as an anti-blocking system and multiple user capacity there’s no reason not to give it ago with JT WhatsApp installed onto our phones or tablets so let’s get started today by downloading the Android app.

By editing the popular instant messaging app, you can customize your conversations and use two accounts from the same Android. It is based on WhatsApp, but it also has many other advanced features that are very different from the original app. In the past few years, we have seen that whenever WhatsApp detects that someone is using its addon, it suddenly deletes that account, but not in this app because it has an anti-ban system available.


JTWhatsApp APK
JTWhatsApp APK


It’s a great feature of this Android app that prevents messages from being deleted if you enable the anti-revoke option. With all these features, it becomes easier for me to find out what message he/she is saying by reading their texts without having them just disappear in an instant. The truth about our relationship might be different than how we originally thought so let’s have some open discussion!

Anti-Revoke is a great option for those who want to keep their messages at the sender’s discretion. If you enable this feature, then they will not delete any of your messages so that way it’ll be easy finding out what was said in one particular text thread!

Freeze Last Seen

The option to use WhatsApp anonymously will allow you to remain inconspicuous on the app. If there are times when you don’t want anyone knowing your personal information, then this is an easy way for them not have access! The last time on your contacts will be hidden if you download the app and turn on this freeze last seen option.

Hide Status View

You can follow others secretly with it. I mean, once you enable this option no one will be able to find out that your seen their status!

Media Sharing

JTWA has as many features and capabilities likeother mods. It can handle up to 2GB video sharing, full image resolution without losing quality in the process – all while being better than WhatsApp’s official app!


The user interface is very beautiful, with a lot of privacy options that are requested by users. These are more than enough for advanced ones and they can easily adapt to them so you don’t have anything worry about.


The user interface of JT WhatsApp can be customized to suit your needs. You are not limited in the options you choose, as they offer some default designs like transparent backgrounds with custom colors or wallpaper that matches what website themes look like on mobile devices these days! Beyond choosing how it looks at first glance there is also an option for bubble patterns and hashtags which will change up its appearance even more so than ever before

And there’s more customization than you might think–you can go even further by changing your own signature message, selecting different fonts for titles/headings at various sizes throughout each conversation thread…the list goes on forever really so make sure before downloading JT WhatsApp.

Download and Install JT WhatsApp For Android

JTWhatsApp APK
JTWhatsApp APK

You can now have two WhatsApp accounts! JTWhatsApp comes in the com.jtwhatsapp package, so you’ll be able to use it as your secondary account for when things get too hectic with work or school.

Following is the downloading and installation guide:

  • Download JT WhatsApp APK (com.jtwhatsapp) from the given download button.
  • Click the Download button on this page and the download will start automatically within fraction of seconds.
  • Wait for the downloading to complete.
  • As soon as the downloading completes, open the application file and install it.
  • Enable Install Unknown Sources from the setting before installing the app to avoid any issue in installation.
  • After successful installation, open the app andenter your mobile number and confirm.
  • Enjoy the most exciting features of JT WhatsApp via JT mod on your mobile phone.

Download and Install JT WhatsApp For PC

JTWhatsApp APK
JTWhatsApp APK

The JT WhatsApp is a great mod for the official app. It’s not an official platform and it doesn’t have all of its features, but if you want to chat with people through instant messaging this will work well on your Android phone!

So, you want to download JT WhatsApp for your PC or Android device but don’t know how? Well luckily, we have made it easy as can be with some simple steps. For starters all that’s needed is access from anywhere in the world because this app works on both desktops and smartphones- though not simultaneously of course! The first thing going off into downloading process will need us do head over onto Google and typing “JT WhatsApp” at Search bar which leads one directly towards finding what they’re looking for (in our case). Go to the download page and click on the download button then wait until downloading finishes before movingonwards.

Now you need to download and install an emulator to open the app in your computer.

Download any famous emulator and install it on your computer and then copy the apk file in there and open it to start installing it in the emulator.

As soon as the installation completes, you can open the app in your computer and use WhatsApp on your computer as well! 


How to Update JT WhatsApp?

JT WhatsApp is not available on the play store therefore, you need to visit our website regularly to check for new updates and if there is any new update available, simply download it and use the latest features on the go!

Is it Safe to Use JT WhatsApp?

It is a safe app with no issues of security or privacy reported yet. Therefore, you can use it without any hesitation or fear of data loss. 

Final Thoughts

JT WhatsApp is a lightweight app that you can use to spice up your messaging experience. It has features of Fouad WhatsApp and will not take up much memory on your phone, so we recommend updating it! There are many fake versions out there but if you want privacy in addition to extra security then download from any well-known source like our website to avoid any data loss or virus threats.

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