How To Make & Upload A Podcast On Spotify?

How To Start A Podcast On Spotify?

How To Start A Podcast On Spotify
How To Start A Podcast On Spotify

In this era of social media and online broadcasting, it is important to be on all major platforms. One way you can do that without having your own podcast network or station would by getting your show onto Spotify! The streaming service has over 50 million monthly active listeners which means there’s an audience out there just waiting for some good old-fashioned audiobook storytelling using today’s technology as well!

Spotify is the perfect place to upload your podcast. With over 356 million users across 178 markets, if you are thinking about starting a new show then getting on cracked spotify apk will be essential for reaching millions of people with no restrictions in terms of territory or language barriers! But uploading content onto streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music Gaana etc., isn’t quite like publishing videos online through YouTube – there’s more guidelines that need fulfilling before broadcasting them worldwide via these sites where copyright laws come into play too so make sure everything has been cleared first by researching how each one works specifically.

There is a thing that you must know that Spotify does not host podcasts, but you need not to worry because there are many hosting platforms that can help you submit your show to Spotify and other listening platforms. These platforms act like a basecamp for these networks and provides tools such as recording functions or editing kits so people with no experience in podcasting don’t have an excuse when it comes time to get theirs published on air!

How To Start A Podcast On Spotify
How To Start A Podcast On Spotify

You have to make your podcast art, upload it and publish on a hosting platform then your hosting platform will make sure that your future episodes upload automatically on Spotify and other listening platforms.

One of the most important steps in launching a successful show is setting up regular publishing for new content so listeners can enjoy what you’ve created without any fuss or hassle from them!

How To Make A Podcast On Spotify?

How To Make A Podcast On Spotify
How To Make A Podcast On Spotify

As described earlier in this article that Spotify did not directly host podcasts. Therefore, there are different platforms that offer their services to make awesome podcasts easily and after making podcast they will allow you to publish it on Spotify and other platforms as well!

There are some steps which you can follow to make podcasts which are as follow:

Choosing A Hosting Platform

Choosing A Hosting Platform
Choosing A Hosting Platform

You can’t just go into any hosting platform and expect that they will distribute your content to Spotify. Before choosing one, make sure it supports the platforms you want distributed through them as well as their own features or distribution methods like Spotify integration!

Some of our top recommendations are Anchor, Buzzsprout and Podbean. All three hosting platforms make it easy for beginners to get started with streaming your podcast on Spotify right from the beginning!

A great resource is Simplecast which offers free service as well so you can upload directly to any number of distribution sites like iTunes or Spotify. 

How To Upload Podcast To Spotify?

How To Upload Podcast To Spotify
How To Upload Podcast To Spotify

One of the best ways to grow your audience and gain trust in new markets is by submitting a podcast show. Submitting it early will set you up for success with some big names, so be sure that when the time comes (launching), submit on Spotify first!

How To Upload Podcast On Spotify Using Anchor?

How To Upload Podcast on Spotify Using Anchor
How To Upload Podcast on Spotify Using Anchor

I’ve been thinking a lot about Anchor lately, and I wanted to share my thoughts on the service. While it is one of many different podcast-making apps out there today (and also offers recording/editing tools for both mobile devices as well), its standout features are that they provide an intuitive interface where you can easily record your episodes either by using their free phone app or online at

In addition their focus around ease-of use–they offer tutorials in case something goes wrong!–the company has some serious ambition when discussing how podcasts could change our world: “Anchorage believes passionately,” wrote CEO Davidsrcinsky Smythers recently., “that audio storytelling will be adopted more than text ones.

Anchor provides an unlimited amount of storage for your files, and there don’t seem to be any sort limitations on the size or type. For my audio drama projects that use really intense soundscapes. I like being able that full range sound available so people can hear what’s happening in every scene clearly when listening with headphones.

  • First of all, you have to download the Anchor app in your mobile phone or open its website
  • Sign up there if not already and then upload your first podcast there
  • Complete the requirements by adding title, description, and upload your channel art.
  • After performing all these steps now click on Publish Now. Then it will ask you to type your podcast name and write some description that what it’s about. After filling all the required details click “Publish Podcast”
  • In order to make sure that your podcast is up-to-date, check the distribution status each day. Once approved by Spotify and other supported platforms it’ll take a few hours or so for them appear on their services in real time as well!

Your show is now live on Spotify!

You can upload new episodes of your podcast directly to your hosting platform and they’ll automatically publish them ten minutes after you send the file.

Upload Podcast On Spotify Using Feed

Upload Podcast On Spotify Using Feed Link
Upload Podcast On Spotify Using Feed Link

If you have a podcast that is not on Spotify, then there are some extra steps for hosting platforms. If your show has been uploaded and circulated through other means to make its way into the streaming service’s catalogues like iTunes or Apple Music it can take one more step before being accessible in their users’ libraries…

Following is the process how you can do so:

  • Go to hosting platform you are using and from there, copy the RSS feed link
  • Open this url:
  •  Create account or login and click on the three dots which are located at the top left corner and tap Add or claim your podcast > Get started.
  • There, paste the RSS feed link and tap Next.
  • Spotify will verify the identity by sending a verification code on your email ID. Enter the OTP and fill all the details and tap Next.
  • Now click on “submit” to submit your podcast on Spotify, and it’s all done. Your podcast will be available to listen to on Spotify within a day or may be in few hours.

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