How To Get Spotify Premium For Free- Latest Version for Andriod & IOS Devices

How to get spotify premium for free?

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spotify premium apk
spotify premium apk

There are many platforms on android which are no doubt great places to fulfill your wishes of listening of free high quality music but spotify premium free is no doubly the best place for streaming high quality of online music. Though the service which is mostly for the paid subscribers and number of countries has topped the music industry platform for past couple of years but its clear and high quality sound quality and streaming.

But the service which relies on paid services has far less options for people who want to use it for free. Example, the free user can only listen to number of tracks which are marked free and not the new or top rated songs. Cannot crate playlists, which in today’s world is a huge social sharing trend and most important spotify premium apk will show ads for them while streaming or moving from one menu to another.

For long people who cannot afford the heavily monthly stepwise have been looking for other ways to enjoy the service have at least found the way which will ease their struggle and let them enjoy their favorites altogether. Now they can use spotify hacked apk for all the feature of the paid services.

The modified application which has been released by number of programmers has many versions and features like unlimited downloads, no ads between streaming and many other features have been unlocked for the users. This great news for music lovers was later hit by news when spotify app announced that they will be taking care of such moves and have been looking hard for the ones using it. Which is another topic in itself that how one can use the Mod Apk and what are the Pros and Cons of using such services but right now let’s have a brief look at what the spotify free really means and how can it be used.

Below we have brought some famous questions which have been asked by many people who are looking forward of using the free spotify premium.

What is spotify mod apk

Spotify Apk is a mod app which is a crack of original one only built to bring the joy or music and streaming for all without any charges and restrictions. There are great features which are available in the modified app like, unlimited downloads, unlimited number of playlists, sharing and creating of playlists with people, no ads between streaming or elsewhere and No hidden data grabbing of whatsoever.

how to get spotify premium free forever?

All you need is spotify mod apk downloaded in your device, Android, IOS, Tablet or PC and follow the instructions on how to install, create account and usage. There are simple instructions for people who have little or no technological information.

What is spotify free premium?

Spotify Android App is the platform on Android and IOS which hosts millions of music numbers and famous podcasts. The item is available in few countries for people who pay amount of $9.99/month. The service hosts top charts of famous singers and their latest works and hits. All the data is just clicks away with simple navigation style and after locating the track you just have to press the play button. While the downloading can be done from the link which appears along track details.

Features of spotify premium Free APK

Though there were not may features for the free paid users few months ago but the recent update of spotify++ apk, version released last month has brought out new and very interesting features for the users with removing barriers of downloading and availability of new songs and albums for the users. These latest features could now help all the free subscribers by suing the same level of facilities and functions as of premium ones. The most awaited features released were shuffling and reshuffling of tracks, unlocked seeking portions, advanced search settings and vast track search and selection options. Below are some of the key features which might help you in understanding the latest update.

User friendly interface of spotify apk premium

As stated before many people have been shifting their attentions towards spotify cracked apk rather than going for the paid version. Why? The reason is simple; when they are getting the same features, settings and interface for free why bother to pay the monthly fee. The latest interface which has all the related tabs and shortcuts pasted in front for user to enjoy the stress less music world.

Unlimited Downloading

Downloading was the most sought after and asked question by many users who prefer to listen to their music offline. As we know that bandwidth is more precious for streaming companies and they try their best that they minimize the downloading features of their data to limited. But with latest update of spotify apk premium now you can download any number of songs and past podcasts you want. There is no limit of how much you can download per day or month. You can also share your briefly chosen playlists with whoever you want.

Unlocked Shuffling, Seeking, Repeating, Connect in spotify hacked

Yes that’s true the long awaited features of shuffling back and forth, while listening to song or podcast has been finally released. The option which was much need for smooth feature was causing lots of distress among people who were keen on shuffling while listening. But with this latest version they now do not have to worry about if they will lose the streaming while looking for next best thing. While repeating of track which was before limited to only couple of times has been reset to unlimited with no barrier on seeking as well. Which means that now user can shuffle, reshuffle and shuffle their playlists as many times and  ways they want with forever unstopped repeats.

No More Ads with free spotify

Ads which are the main source of income for most free offering services are mostly a hurdle for user who has to suffer to long waits and endless closing of unnecessary and long video ads. Many premium and free platforms like YouTube, Facebook and others spotify premium for free relied on ads in their applications which would open pop up when one changes a tracks, searches or while in middle of a podcast or song, But in the last version you won’t find such disturbance as the anti-ad feature, which can be located in the settings tab can now resolve the issue of these popups, making spotify online more appealing for people who want to enjoy endless streaming without any interruptions.

How and Why to get get spotify premium free

Spotify app delivers millions of different songs varying from the different genre in top quality. Agreed that there are many online music streaming sites and apps. However, the feature that allows people to create a playlist and share it with friends makes Spotify Premium apk best in the business. You can also download the top quality playlist from the internet by searching the related term too. Another reason for the success of Spotify premium apk is their user-friendly interface. Thus making it the best streaming app which can bring the jot of endless music and entertainment at no cost proving the best user experience with no hurdles and breakups and would even work smoothly on 320 Kbps.

How to get spotify premium free

If the above mentioned features and options do not appeal you than you should know that with spotify you can listen to every song of famous singers and their live postdocs for free. As we know that most of music released today is for premium users and cannot be reached or downloaded due to strict privacy laws which gives you the best option of choosing spotify free download with you do not need any other tool or platform for the premium music. While there is huge quantity of features which their free version doesn’t have paying for Mod Spotify Premium apk for without paying money. After downloading paid version for free from the link, we have provided below, you can yourself express premium apk use.

how to get spotify cracked apk

spotify download could be easily found and installed from your Android play store but as informed about the application which is only available for few countries might fail to install or work in your country, if you are outside of US and EU. And if you somehow have installed the original version from play store you will get only the free basic options which are dull and are of no fun. Most people who without researching and knowing take these step are later found to be complaining about the poor performance and lack of options in spotify premium free pc but when asked how they installed the applications what that should have been done to improve the experience have little or no knowledge of it.

They have not done their homework before installing the application and now have only bad reviews. While the truth is far away from them as they do not know that download spotify is the only place where they would find the complete collection of an artist’s albums and tracks and if are looking to explore new songs options could browse via categories like, Hip Hop, Country, Chill, Mood, Pop Etc. So is the easiest and most reliable method of listening to music with so much options and choices ranging from oldies to latest released singles and albums.

How to get spotify premium Free Features

This Spotify premium mod apk download app comes with so many amazing great features, which not possible to explain in only one post, but you don’t take tension we will explain some basic features. Spotify Premium apk for iPhone is available for the IOS users. You can listen to music in HD quality in 320KBPS & much more. So simply using apk you can unlock every feature completely free without any cost and without any buy from your credit card or giving the details for present or future deductions.

Rooted Vs No rooted Android Devices

Many people who do not have much knowledge about difference between rooted and no rooted devices often get confused about what that means, how they should check if their phone lies in former or later category or how can a device be used in either mod.

You can easily check what sort of device you have by installing Root Checker application, which can be found in your play store. Remember one thing if you are looking to root your device there are many applications and ways by which you can do it but be careful as changing could result in your device losing all the previous held data and is prone to some deadly viruses. Let’s have a brief look below:

Rooted Andriod Devices:

Devices which give user access to the program files of operating system like android or another their phone is running is usually categorized as rooted devices. Usually rooted devices give the free access to user to change or modify their application settings and data via the advanced editing features.

This option is usually used by programmers and advanced technicians who know what they are doing as changing a little or even deleting an empty file or folder could land user in trouble with their phones not working or having trouble. So typically rooted devices are not for everyone.

No Rooted Andriod Devices:

No rooted devices are mostly our day to day devices which have a simple file manager or folder and in which if you need to install an open source or unknown source application you need to give the permission via setting or advanced settings.

These sort of devices are simple to use and have complications if you are installing or uninstalling an application. Though there are fewer options for changing a log or setting or making major changes in application but is a safe platform for people who have no advanced knowledge.

Below are some of the advanced features of spotify apk download version APK Mega Mod Cracked 2019 for No Rooted Android Devices which are running the android version of 6 and above.
  1. You can install the apk on any device of your choice, from phones to tablets to PCs.
  2. Play any number of songs and podcasts simultaneously any time.
  3. If you are looking for downloading the music for offline purposes you can do so without any limit of how much you can download and when.
  4. The songs and streaming can be watched and listened in Hd Quality with amazing sound clarity and less buffering time compared to others.
  5. No ads whatsoever. There are no ads popping after every few minutes or between or after while streaming the songs. The Ads can be closed using the latest option from the settings.
  6. There are no strings attached. If somehow you are not liking spotify free you can uninstall it or remove your account without any penalty or long wait or ordering the cancellation and worrying about a charge back.So if you are interested in installing the spotify premium free on your no rooted android device below are the few simple steps you should follow for a successful installation.

how to get spotify premium free forever

  1. First of all download the apk file from the links given below and be sure that you are downloading the right type of application.
  2. After you have successfully downloaded the file be sure that there isn’t another copy of already installed spotify app on your device. If you have already installed another version or have another copy of Spotify installed on your device be sure to remove or uninstall it before you move forward.
  3. Now locate the file you downloaded and extract the file if needed and run the apk file.
  4. The installation will take few minutes, depending on your phone speed. There are not lots of options for you while the installation undergoes but keep an eye for Permissions and remember to change the setting if you have to.
  5. After the installation is successful move to home screen and locate the free spotify premium icon and open it.
  6. Signup or log in to your account. Remember you can use your old free account for this purpose but its better if you use a new account.
  7. Check the premium features while you are browsing and ignore the, Get Premium pop up if it shows up.
  8. Enjoy the free premium music for life without any hurdles and if you somehow have lost access to your account you can easily hit the forget button to retrieve back the details.

The latest version of spotify premium for free

There are many versions of apk released by developers with featured updates and improvements as released by free spotify. In the above portion we used the Stable version for the installation and usage purpose now we will be looking at recently released Beta Version for the upcoming season. If you do not know difference between Beta and Stable version just remember that,

Beta Version = Test Version of New released changes and any major feature replacement of upgrade. Beta is usually the testing phase of an app which regularly collects error and user data to collect the results for Stable Version.
Stable Version = the final version which has be released after the errors and issues from the Beta version have been sorted out. Also known as Final version is released on play store or any other official place for people to get the error free access.

Though most people will tell you that both the versions have no such huge differences and its ok to use anyone but that might not be the true case as there are many features which you won’t find in the Beta Version.

Below are detailed features of spotify free premium Mega Mod Beta and Final Version Features:

  1. Unlocked Spotify Connect
  2. Seek FWD button added to information bar/tablet mod
  3. Visual and Audio ads blocked. While you can use third party applications like Ad Away to block all the unnecessary apps if you are using the older versions.
  4. Seeking enabled
  5. Unlimited shuffle and sharing of playlists
  6. Choose any song and play in HD Quality
  7. Extreme audio unlocked and Repeats Enabled
  8. Download any number of songs by easily selecting the song and clicking the download button adjacent to it.
  9. Unlimited skips if you are looking to find something new and nice for your playlist.
  10. Random restriction lifted from all the latest versions.
  11. Option for disabling or freezing Proxy Handler.

Get spotify premium free Beta Installation guide

Keep in mind that this guide is only for rooted phones and the apk will not work or install in no rooted phones, if you do not have a rooted phone looked for Final version which is compatible for your device and OS.

  • Download spotify mod apk from the link given below.
  • After you have successfully completed the download and moving towards installation just be sure that you have uninstalled any other pre-installed copy of spotify apk from your phone as this would cause the current installation to fail.
  • Now start the Installation process by running the apk file.
  • It will take few minutes to install and if you are worried about what permissions the applications will have you can change that later once the installation has completed.
  • After you have successfully completed the installation close all the opened tabs and locate spotify hacked apk icon on your main screen.
  • Download and Install Xposed Framework from the Links Given Below
  • Download and Install Spotify Skip APK from the Links Given Below
  • Activate Spotify Skip Module, these are simple steps and there are no changes which need attention.
  • Restart Your Device
  • Open the app and signup for new user or login for existing one. If you have forgotten your account details just hit the Forgot Password and fill the details to get the login details.
  • Now you have successfully installed spotify++ apk free for life. Enjoy The Free Music.

how to get spotify premium for free Installation Guide for Final or Stable Mod:

  • Before installing be sure that you have closed and uninstalled preexisting Spotify application from your device.
  • Download the spotify premium apk Final Mod Version from links given below.
  • Open the downloaded file and start the installation.
  • After the installation has successfully completed open the app and login or signup.
  • Enjoy the free Music for Free.

Spotify Premium APK (Unlocked) Free Download

Spotify Premium Mod APK (Unlocked) Free Download

Spotify Premium Mod APK (Unlocked) Free Download

Spotify Premium Mod APK (Unlocked) Free Download