How to Download Spotify Premium Free Latest Version Mod Apk For Android

How to get spotify premium free forever

Spotify premium free is the world’s top app for music and live podcast streaming which has millions of subscribers paying a monthly fee for listing to top music charts and albums. Spotify which has left many of its predecessors and companies like sound clod is best known for its HD Quality audio streaming at 320 Kbps. So what is so special a bit the app that it has captured millions of subscribers who are ready to pay for the service and the answer is not that simple? If we have to know does the money justify the services being given? Well the answer could not be more simple then a simple Yes.

spotify premium apk
spotify premium apk

The app which has recently released its update Final or Stable version has offered number of features which were not being offered by any other service on such magnitude like, Shuffling, creating of playlist, unlocked player, track selection and important feature of downloading. So the question raises here that if the service which is so better and great at providing what it promises why are we looking for spotify cracked apk for our device. The answer is simple, despite the features and all the options being given are of great work still the monthly bill of $10 is a huge dent in the pocket of a salaried person or a student, hence providing the need to find the alternative of paid subscription.

How to Download spotify mod apk

There are many websites and developers who are offering spotify hacked mod apk with promises of features and options which even the original application might not have offered and advertising the apk which are either corrupt, data hoarders or just designed for purpose of showing ads only. Today we are bringing you the latest spotify premium for free version updates June 2019 which has all the original features of paid subscription but only free for the people who want it. Below are detailed information of what is being offered in this latest version and some of key features.

How to get spotify premium free for Android

The installation is simple for android users as all they need is the mod apk which can be downloaded from links given below and follow the steps of How To Install Spotify Premium Free. You should read the installation guide before as there are many important points which should be noted before, after and during installation.

What is spotify premium apk

As most of you know, Spotify is a web based online portal of music and podcasts which can be streamed online in hd quality. The service which runs both via website and application (Android & IOS) is top rated music app on both platforms with millions of official downloads. The interface is simple and one click play style. The downloading option which has been introduced few months ago has made it heaven for many people who prefer their music offline too. The service which is available in United States and some European countries can be used by people of remaining world via proxy servers. Company in its last press release has aimed for widening the net to bring the service worldwide soon.

What the features are of spotify free download

The latest version of Spotify Premium apk which was released last month has all the features which are being offered to the paid subscribers via official service thus making mod apk more realistic. Some of the feature of unlocked shuffling, playlists creation and sharing, unlocked seeking, track selection and many more were added to the update.

Here some of many few features which have been resale in the latest version

spotify free Simple User Access

As discussed before the user friendly interface of the latest version has attracted many who were tried of finding their desired options through options and unless page searching. Now the new interface brings all the major sections and portions to front with many simple options and opt ins. Easiest interface with shortcuts and details.

Downloading from spotify mod apk for offline purposes

Though the past versions of apk do not had this option and only were available for listening music when online but with getting better updates now users can chooses if they want to download the track for offline purposes. And the best thing about it is there is no limit for number of downloads. Yes you can download any number of music anytime any day without any limit or quota. The downloading process is simple and in-app which means you don’t have to go anywhere else or use third party app for downloading.

Shuffling, Seeking, repeating and connection errors resolved

As we know that  spotify apk premium members have all the options unlocked for their devices while the free users had to face many hardships when they tried to repeat the tracks as there was no options for it and you had to watch advertisement if you want to do so. Now there are no barriers for people who are looking for All Unlocked versions. This update brings all the features of shuffling, advanced seeking and multiples repeats for everyone. The biggest issue of connection error has also been resolved in stable version while beta might still face the issue sometime.

Ads Blocker Option

Free spotify premium which once was notorious for ads popping up after few every few seconds has moved forward and is now available with ads-blocker option which will disable all ads serving without any charge or premium membership. The option can only be available for apks above 8.5 Final versions. Some beta versions are also offering the feature in their updates but have many issues of crashing and option not working most of the times.

Why Use spotify hacked apk

First of all know this, spotify is the only portal which today brings millions of tracks available for you via their application and website, has HQ Quality, can stream without lots of buffering and has the updated track list of all the famous albums and music categories. The service which originally is paid one, available only for few countries still has millions of subscribers and is ranked top in online music category. So if you are outside of US or Europe and are looking for free music anytime spotify++ apk should be your first choice.

Now why use the cracked version is simple, paying $10/month could be huge for people and limited features make people seek ways to get the full and final version without any difficulties and hurdles drove the developers to come up with spotify cracked apk which is not only free of all charges but is stable and fulfills the needs of everyone in anyway. This stable version has all the options available which the paid or premium member gets against their subscription with unlimited number of playlists which can be updated, shared and shuffled anytime.

There are no ads while playing music, HQ quality tracks can be streamed on 320Kbps without long buffering, no repeat limit, simple user interface and every option which brings your best experience imagination to true.

Spotify apk download latest Beta version vs. Stable Version

There are two version of mod apk which are being offered here,

Beta Version

Beta is the test version of any app which is released before the final version or stable version is released. Beta versions are usually designed to know about the issues and problems of any apps before being presented for all people and is released on a limited scale. The user data is collected, analyzed and used to resolve the issues for future.

Stable or Final Version

Stable version is the final version or updated version of apk which is released from changes and issues reported by Beta version. Though most developers use the stable versions for testing new updates and features but standard practice states that new features, options or major changes should be tested in beta versions and later issued in stable format. Some of the features of Premium Mega Mod version are

  • Unlocked Spotify Connect
  • Seek FWD button added to information bar
  • Visual ads blocked
  • Audio ads blocked
  • Textual or Full screen ads blocked
  • Detailed and specified seeking enabled
  • Unlimited shuffle of playlists available
  • Choose any track of your choice no song outside of your reach
  • Extreme audio unlocked with highest hd quality metrics
  • Multiple repeats enabled

How to get spotify premium free forever

There are many websites and forums which are offering number of free spotify apks but most of which are fake and malicious, highly risky, can cause data lost and contain number of other things which can risk your device and personal data. Since past year many programmers and developers have released number of Mod Apk for music but most failed to grab the attention of users but some who were free of issues and malware sustained and are used widely even today. One of such app we are presenting here today which has been tested and retested by our programmers and users for any suspicious issues.

Today we are representing the latest version of Spotify mod apk V8.5.23.686 which was released last month and has many options unlocked which were not before. You can easily download the intalltion file from links given below and above and all you have to do is install them. The installation guide can also be found below.

Before we start there are few things that one should keep in mind before installing as most people wonder the difference when looking at list of Mod Apk.

Rooted Devices

These are the devices which give users full access of their applications data, settings and program files in raw or original form. The rooted devices have an edge for programmers who are testing, changing logs or settings for their installed apps. This can be an issue for a person who is non-technical as changing even a dot could cause issue.

No Rooted Devices

These devices have simple applications installations process as per Android restrictions and are safe for people with no advanced technical information’s. No Rooted devices can be changed via number of programs and applications but we will advise to do as carefully as it will reset your device while doing so.

How to get spotify premium free Installation guide for Android no root devices

  • Download Spotify Mod apk version 8.5 from links given below.
  • After your download completes and you move to another step be sure that there is no pre-installed or another copy of application installed on your device and if there is remove it before starting to install.
  • Locate and open the downloaded file, depending on your settings you would find it in your download folder or file manager.
  • You have to allow your device to install From Unknown Source, the option could be found in settings under Developer Options.
  • Run the file
  • After the installation is success close the entire opened tab and locate spotify premium icon on your home screen.
  • Open the application and signup or sign in. If you already have an account you can use it but we prefer that you create a new one.
  • After you have successfully signed in Check the Premium features tab which will lead you to all the options which are available for you.
  • Enjoy listening to free music for free.

To stay updated and receive latest new unlocked features always keep your applications updated.

How to get spotify premium Android Install Guide Beta Mod Apk

For this to work be sure that you have a rooted Android device and if you are not sure you can check yours by using Root Checker.

  • Before you start installation be sure there is not any copy of Spotify already installed on your device, if there is remove it.
  • Download spotify free premium Beta Mod Apk from links given below.
  • Start the installation, there is nothing to do while installing just sit back and relax this might take minute or two.
  • Download and Install Xposed Framework from the Links Given Below
  • Download and Install Spotify Skip APK from the Links Given Below
  • Activate Spotify Skip Module
  • After you have successfully completed the above mentioned steps close all the opened screens and open your Spotify app from your home screen.
  • Now log in or Sign up. It’s better to create a new account using email with no trace back history.
  • Before you use the applications it’s better to restart your device.
  • After your device starts you have successfully installed Spotify Premium Free. Enjoy the music for free.

Spotify Premium APK (Unlocked) Free Download

Spotify Premium Mod APK (Unlocked) Free Download

Spotify Premium Mod APK (Unlocked) Free Download

Spotify Premium Mod APK (Unlocked) Free Download