GTA San Andreas Lite 2021 – Working Files

GTA San Andreas Lite
GTA San Andreas Lite

The newest version of GTA San Andreas is finally available on your phone! The Lite APK file has all the features you would expect from an authentic video game, but it’s also super easy to download and install. This lite version saves space by eliminating files like missions or cutscenes so that users can enjoy more gameplay in less time without having any trouble with loading screens between sessions

Rockstar Games created a modified-lite application for Android devices called “GTA SAN ANDREAS LITE” which includes many extra bonuses content compared to its original counterpart while still maintaining 100% compatibility across various mobile phone operating systems. 

GTA San Andreas Lite APK

GTA San Andreas Lite
GTA San Andreas Lite

GTA San Andreas Lite is an open-world game that you play as Carl, who is an ex-gang bang member with the goal of taking revenge on those who murdered his mother.

GTA San Andreas is one of the most popular games on the computers, and it’s only natural that there be an app. If you’re looking for something similar but simpler than console versions then GTA LITE APK might just do what your heart desires!  It has all the functionalities and you can perform different tasks with high graphics even if your mobile is low in ram and hard, it is best for low specs mobile phone users who want to experience the GTA world without much efforts. 

File Information

File NameGrand Theft Auto San Andreas Lite
DeveloperRockstar Games
CategoryOpen-world, crime, action
PlatformiOS, Android, Windows

GTA San Andreas Lite Features

GTA San Andreas Lite
GTA San Andreas Lite
  • The app is specially designed for smartphones and tablets of today’s generation, with high resolution graphics.
  • The game is really clever. It just needs to download and play on any device you have, no matter what type or brand! It is made adaptable so you can store it in the cloud and play it on all android devices easily.
  • The new, improved APK is great for anyone who wants to spice up their profile with the latest features. The APK has a rich and colorful lightning that makes it more modern.
  • This game is also compatible for those who want to play with a variety of Bluetooth and USB devices and wireless gaming controls.
  • The game features three different color schemes and allows you to customize your options with contextual buttons which display buttons only when you need them.
  • This game is played with two analog sticks for movement and camera control.
  • Players of this game will be able to customize their graphic settings in order for them see things more clearly.

GTA San Andreas Lite Requirements

  • Mali, Power VR, or Adreno
  • Android 5.0 or above
  • 512 MB Ram or above
  • GPU 1.2 GHz Processor speed or higher

How to Install GTA San Andreas Lite on Android Devices?

GTA San Andreas Lite
GTA San Andreas Lite
  • The files you will need to install Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Lite on your android are the APK file and an OBB Data file. You can download these from the below download button!
  • After the successful download, open the download location and extract the downloaded folder.
  • Now you have to place the GTA obb Data file in the location:  Android >> Data on your Device.
  • Now simply install the GTA game by opening its apk file. And after the completion of the installation, launch the app on your phone.
  • Enjoy the game and its features on your mobile phone.

Final Thoughts

The official GTA game is great, but if you’re on the go and don’t want to carry around a bulky console then this lite version will be perfect for your needs! It’s small enough that it can fit in any average mobile smart phone so you can enjoy the game without the need to buy new mobile with heavy specification to play this game on it. And with all of its outstanding visual effects still present? 

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