Download GTA San Andreas IOS Version

GTA San Andreas IOS
GTA San Andreas IOS

GTA: San Andreas is the most popular action-adventure game and updated version of GTA. Developed by Rockstar North, it has been released for both iOS users as well Android customers who want to play this fantastic mobile phone app on their devices (because GTA is not available in other versions for iOS).

GTA San Andreas IOS

One of the most popular games on Google Play store is GTA San Andreas. This game provides players with an interactive environment filled to the brim with activities that they can enjoy throughout their journey from beginning till end! To begin playing you need only visit app store and find this application among all others available under “GAMING” category which includes other fantastic titles.

GTA San Andreas IOS
GTA San Andreas IOS

The graphics in-game are jaw droppingly beautiful so it will always keep your eyes glued wherever goes while simultaneously providing realistic feel making everything seem authentic enough right down to who wears what clothes or drives what vehicle (you have a choice). 

It provides an opportunity for users to make real-money earnings through premium accounts and play in multiplayer mode too! Have you been looking for some good old-fashioned action? Check out this incredible app right now, download it onto your device today so start playing!

Application Info

  • Name: GTA SA IOS
  • Size: 4.7GB
  • Platform: IOS
  • Version: Updated


  • High-Quality Graphics.
  • Interesting Missions.
  • Cheating Codes.
  • User-Friendly.
  •  200+ Vehicles.
  • Online Help.
  • It is very easy to kill the enemies.
  • Game Location Map.
  • Easy to customize.
  • Multiplayer Available.
  • Participate in Gang Wars.
  • After achievements more powerful weapons available.

How to Download GTA San Andreas on IOS?

GTA San Andreas IOS
GTA San Andreas IOS


There are few requirements that you have to maintain to play this game on your mobile. These requirements are as follow:

  • Min IOS Version: 8.6+
  • Space Required: 4 GB
  • Processor Required: 9.5+
  • HD Display
  • Stable Internet Connection

Download GTA San Andreas on IOS

  • First of all, open the web browser and search “GTA San Andreas for IOS”
  • Click on the download button present on that website which you open.
  • Click on the save and continue option to start the downloading.
  • Open your mobile settings and from there, allow installation from unknown source.
  • After the downloading completes, open the downloaded file and select install.
  • Now click on the “I agree” option from the terms and condition page.
  • After the installation completes, go to the home screen and from there open the installed game.
  • Enjoy the game on!


Is GTA San Andreas available for PC?

PC gamers, rejoice! You can now download and play Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on your computer for free. The game consists of 4+ GB file size so make sure you have enough space before downloading it.

What are some essential facts about GTA San Andrea?

The best way I can describe this game is by saying it’s unlike anything else on the market. In this game, you can change the weight and appearance of your character. When it was first released in 2004 San Andreas had a rating of 27.5 million copies sold worldwide! All these characters are also able to become skinny or muscular while still having an option for fatness as well which is another factor making this different from other games on sale today. There’s also an area called 69 that attracts gamers like moths drawn towards a flame!

What is the most challenging mission in GTA SA?

The most appropriate answer to this question depends on a number of factors, including your personal preference and skill level. For example – flying may not be suitable if driving or gang wars give someone more difficulty than they’re willing or able to deal with in their lives already!

Is mobile multiplayer?

Yes, with this app, you can play 900+ people at one time through the internet connection.

Last Words

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