GB WhatsApp Pro V13.50 & V8.40 APK Download for Android

GB WhatsApp Pro
GB WhatsApp Pro
App NameGB Whatsapp Pro
Current VersionV13.50
File Size45MB

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GB Whatsapp Pro

WhatsApp Pro is a modified version of GB WhatsApp. It’s considered to be one of the best versions because it has many amazing features, such as changing your app appearance and downloading statuses and is the best version of WhatsApp Plus.

Get GB WhatsApp Pro for a better way to chat. This app offers video calls, voice messages and live location sharing so you can be in touch with your friends anytime anywhere!

This app offers many cool features that can enhance your chatting experience. You are able to hide or freeze last seen, customize what shows up on screen and other privacy options not available in the original application!

GB WhatsApp is a multi-account friendly WhatsApp mod that provides more features than you would find on any other version of the app. This means it can be used for groups, multiple chats with different people or organizations at once (even if they don’t have GBWhatsApp), not being limited by region like many others.

A few things need clarification like You cannot download this through Google Play and the other thing is that users must manually install files from third party sites


GB WhatsApp Pro
GB WhatsApp Pro
GB WhatsApp Pro
GB WhatsApp Pro
GB WhatsApp Pro
GB WhatsApp Pro

Top Latest Features Of GB Whatsapp Pro

GB WhatsApp Pro
GB WhatsApp Pro

Backup & Restore:

The backup feature of this mod will allow you to back up chats on any device using the same account. This is useful for when someone has stolen your phone or if it gets destroyed and needs replacing with another one.


If you want to play game or attend a video call or any other thing in which you do not want that any notification popup will disturb you and you are looking for a tool that will allow your phone to remain distraction-free, then this is it! This mod provides you the DND option.

Dark Mode:

The dark mode of GB WhatsApp Pro can be activated to help you use this app in the darkness without damaging your eyesight.

Auto Reply:

If you are very busy and do not have time to reply common message to your customers then you can use auto reply option to reply automatically with the text you have saved in it. So, when someone send you the message for the first time, it will send an instant message that you have saved in advance. This will save your time to reply every person’s message. 

Freeze Last Seen:

By using this Freeze Last Seen option, you can now have the peace of mind that no one will be able to see when you were last active on WhatsApp.

Status Downloader:

With this mod, you do not need to download any external status saver. Just select the desired status choose “Download” option in statuses to save the status in your gallery!

Theme Store:

This mod has a theme store that’s chock-full of beautiful and amazing themes. You can choose any one to use for your app, making it easier than ever before!

Share Media:

You can share more than 15 MB of video and 100 MB audio in the original WhatsApp with this new mod.


You can read a message even after the sender deletes it. If you see something that is important, just open and go back in time!

The same goes for statuses your contacts have – they won’t be gone forever. You also have 24 hours before these messages get removed from status automatically anyway so don’t worry too much about them being deleted soon enough.

Multiple Languages:

With this mod, you can change the default language to any of your preferred languages. This will ensure that even if a user cannot understand English to translate English into their preferred language so they can also use this app freely and easily.

GB WhatsApp Pro Web:

This mod can be used on computers as well. All you have to do is scan the barcode from the computer website, using the camera of your phone in which this app runs.

Pop Notification:

You can use this feature to ensure that you never miss a message again. With the click of one button, your phone will send pop-up notifications on screen and give an instant reminder when messages come in–you’ll always know what’s going down!

Share Locations:

You’re in danger and need help? Send your location by using this app feature so that yourfriends can find you.


The new privacy options are a godsend for anyone who is trying to keep their private life out of the limelight and maintain your privacy.

  • You Can Hide Blue Ticks
  • You Can Hide Second Tick
  • You Can Hide Blue Microphone
  • You Can Hide Typing
  • You Can Hide Recording

Change Fonts Style:

You can customize your fonts to give your screen a new and different look. This mod also gives you options related to customization such aschanging the font face, size or colour. By providing good variety of fonts and font styles!

  • You can also change the font style.
  • This mod provides a good variety of fonts.
  • You Can change the fonts of English and Arabic also.

How To Install GB Whatsapp Pro Apk?

  • The first step is to navigate to your device settings. Once there, look for the Security option and select it in order to get started!
  • Turn the option of “Unknown Source” ON, because by default, it is disabled. To enable this, tap or click on the option in order to make sure applications from unknown sources can be installed. Confirm your choice with a pop-up window and proceed to next step if it’s enabled for you device! Some phones may have these settings under Privacy/Additional Settings options too (depending what operating system is being used).
  • Once you have enabled the GB WhatsApp Pro installation in your settings, we can proceed with downloading it.
  • When you download the application, a window may pop up asking if it is safe. This can be safely ignored as long as no other popup message appears on screen after downloading.
  • GB WhatsApp Pro is now being installed on your Android device. Tap “Install” button and you’re done!
  • You will be able to have two WhatsApp accounts if you want. Registering for a second number follows the same registration process as well and once submitted, it should receive verification by message soon after that!

Now you can start using the app to its full potential! Simply enter your verification code and phone number, add a photo for easy identification of yourself in chats. Once everything is verified, GBWhatsApp will provide access to all features that are customizable on these platforms

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How do I Update GB WhatsApp Pro?

Keep Checking GB WhatsApp Pro in Once there’s an update, click on the download button, and once the APK file downloads, install it on your Android device, and it automatically updates your version to the latest one.

IS GB Whatsapp Pro Safe?

Yes, GBWhatsapp Pro is safe to use. This application was just converted from Whatsapp and it does not contain any harmful viruses or malware that can potentially harm your device in anyway!
Third party applications often come with malware or other malevolent software designed specifically for smartphones running Google’s mobile operating system Android OS but, GBWhatsappPro is the same as your normal WhatsApp and free from any virus or bug.

Can I Use Both Whatsapp And GBWhatsapp

The standard rule is that you can’t install the same applications twice. This means, by default, you cannot have two WhatsApp applications on one phone – but luckily for those who want an easier life! GBWhatsapp was designed by different developers. One thing to consider here, if you want two WhatsApp running then you need to make account on GB WhatsApp with different phone number.  
It is possible to use Whatsapp and GBWhatsApp Pro at the same time. Other mods may also be used such as WhatsApp Plus if you want extra features for your account like watermarking or emoji reactions on text messages!

How do I Update GB WhatsApp Pro?

Keep checking GB WhatsApp Pro in our websitefor updates that will automatically update your version to the latest one!

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