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Download WhatsApp Pro
Download WhatsApp Pro
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WhatsApp Pro

Download WhatsApp Pro
Download WhatsApp Pro

WhatsApp Pro is an exceptional alternative to the original WhatsApp messaging app. You can say that it has many more features such as theme choice, precise style and privacy option which makes this replacement worth trying out!

With the recent rise in popularity, there have been many different versions of WhatsApp to choose from. One such app is WhatsApp Pro which offers a bevy more features and options than its original counterpart like theme choice or privacy option!

Many people will be pleased with WhatsApp Pro as it contains all of the features from previous versions, but also adds in some new ones. For example you can choose between two types or encoding media: JPG and GIF which is perfect for those who want more control over their images before sending them to secure its quality!

Top Features Of WhatsApp Pro


WhatsApp Pro has an anti-ban feature that will keep your account safe from getting permanently banned by WhatsApp.

DND Mode

DND(Do Not Disturb) mode is a great way to block distracting notifications on your phone such as text messages or social media updates. You can use it in conjunction with WhatsApp, so that you don’t have any distractions while trying to get work done!

Dark Mode

This App also has a Dark Mode option. In this mode, the whole theme of WhatsApp Pro changes to be dark and white so you can enjoy your chats in relative peace

Self-Destructive Messages

This feature is very useful, as it deletes the message as soon as the receiver reads the message.

Theme Store

If you like to experience the different variations in themes to find the best one that suits you, you are at the right place because this app has more than 700+ themes.

DIY Theme

How awesome would it be to change the colors of your whatsapp every day? Now you can customize them so that they match what suits YOU best. Choose from a variety such as changing background, contact icon or text color!

You can now change the appearance of Whatsapp in order to match looks and preferences, which will be especially awesome if it means we’ll never have another boring old green background again!

Message Scheduler

Message Scheduler is not just for birthdays! You can set up a message scheduler to send the messages on time.

Additional Features

  • Auto-reply of messages
    • Auto-replying to messages can be a great way of providing helpful information without being actively engaged. This is especially true for customer service, in which every second counts and the best response time will make or break your company’s reputation!
  • Hide writing status
    • If you want that your writing is not shown to the recipient, you can set it to “hide” instead.
  • Hidden chat feature
    • You can archive chats to hide them from the main display!
  • Hide recording status
    • The easiest way to avoid being recorded is by hiding the recording status.
  • Add stickers from Google Play.
    • Add stickers from Google Play to your message. You can either text or post them on social media, and they’ll stick there for as long you want!
  • Audio share up to 100 MB
    • Can you hear that? That’s the sound of me sharing up to 100 MB with my friends.
  • Backup feature
    • The best way to protect your data is with a backup. This will ensure that if something does happen, you can always go back in time and recover all of those important files on the fly without having lost any information from before then!
  • Video status limit to 7 minutes (not 30 seconds as usual) Enable password.
    • The video status limit has been changed to 7 minutes (not 30 seconds as usual). This means that you can now upload videos which are up for a maximum of seven minutes
  • Amazing tick styles
    • When it comes to choosing the perfect tick, you’ll find that there are many shapes and styles available. A good place for beginners is our collection of beginner-friendly tickeys in basic colors like black or white. 
  • Cool launcher icons
    • This app provides a cool feature that you can change the icon of the app according to your desire.
  • Change notify-bar icon
    • You can Change notify-bar icon as well as other customizations.
  • Change video player
    • By using it, you can change the video playing software in which your video is providing.

Installation Guide

  • After the download is complete of the apk file, tap on it to allow installation.
  • In order for your phone or tablet to install apps from unknown sources, it must be enabled in security settings. You can do this by going into Settings followed immediately by Security and choosing “Unknown Sources”.
  • Now, open “File Manager.” Go to the Download folder and tap WhatsApp Pro APK file. Click Next then select Install from source when prompted by Android Studio (or whatever IDE you’re using).
  • After completion of installation, it will ask you for a verification code. Once this procedure has been completed and verified one can enjoy all available features from the app on their phone or tab!



What is WhatsApp Pro?

WhatsApp Pro is an app that comes with a modified version of WhatsApp. You can say it’s the modern, reimagined edition to authentic Whatsapp messages and chats!

Is WhatsApp Pro free?

Yes, it is completely free to use!

How do I Download WhatsApp Pro?

As this app is not available on the official play store, you can still download it through third party websites like (

Is WhatsApp Pro Safe?

Yes, it’s safe for use on an Android device. So far, there are no reports of malware issues in this app. It’s safe for your device as well as your account.

Last Words

IF You Like This App,Click To Download This App And Enjoy This Wonderful Features.