Stealthapp APK Download For Android Latest Version 2021

Stealthapp APK
Stealthapp APK
App NameStealthapp
File Size3.2 MB
CategoryApps For WhatsApp
RequirementAndroid 4.4+
Last Updated1 Day Ago

What is Stealthapp?

Stealthapp is an app that helps you handle your WhatsApp information smartly and lets you use it wisely. With this sleek, stealthy tool in hand we can turn notifications into different types of alerts for specific uses like updates or system warnings so no one around us see what’s going on with our messages if need be!

The new StealthApp is a great way to read and respond without opening the app. The floating notifications let you know when someone has sent something, while the app itself stores all your messages in one place so that it’s easy for you not have worry about missing anything important!

You’ll love this! It helps manage all alerts intelligently while giving users control over whether they’re interested enough in seeing what updates come across that specific chat rather then simply being bombarded constantly by notifications day after day regardless if said person likes being contacted via different means altogether but prefers each individual source differently.


  • It hides WhatsApp notifications so that the privacy remains secure!
  • It’s an app that will detect when someone read a message on your smartphone.
  • You can now read all your contact’s messages without the blue checkmark.
  • Elle wants to make it easier for you to stay on top of the latest happenings in your life. So, she created personalized notifications that go unnoticed and don’t distract from other messages or conversations while providing quick access at any time!

Basic Information

  • This application uses INTERNET_PERMISSION only for advertising. Which means that the app will show you ads, but they won’t affect your phone in any way and are limited to small data usage restrictions so as not to abuse privileges on our end of things!
  • The pro version is ads free and did not need this permission as well!
  • The app doesn’t even use WhatsApp’s own API or any internet service.
  • This app cannot steal or tamper with your data just because it has no access to the internet.

Download and Install Stealthapp For Android

For those who can’t download the Stealth app from Google Play Store for whatever reason, don’t worry! The link we provided will give you access to latest version of game allowing user unlock all levels and modes. You need install process get new APK file with “StealthApp”.

Following is the process you have to follow so that you can successfully download the app:

  • First of all, you have to click on the download button to start the downloading of the app.
  • Go to your mobile settings and from there security and select enable unknown sources from the settings.
  • Wait for the downloading completes.
  • As soon as the completes, open the file location where you have downloaded the app and click on it to start the installation.
  • When you’re done installing the app, it will guide through entering basic requirements and using its features.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to update this app?

To update the application, you need to check the updates on this site. If the app is up to date, then you are good to go. Otherwise, download the update and update your application to stay updated and use the latest features on your phone. 

Is it safe to use this app?

This app is virus free from our website and provide a lot of useful features therefor you can use this app without any worries! 

Final Thoughts

The Stealth app is a must-have for any WhatsApp user. You can rely on Stealth to hide WhatsApp notifications. Stealth is a very useful smart notification manager for WhatsApp. You can now spy on your notifications with this handy tool, which has many useful features and functions to offer! Download it right away from here so you don’t miss out. This smart news manager also allows you to prevent snoopers from reading all of that chatty goodness.

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