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GTA 3 APK – Download APK With OBB & Data


GTA 3 APK: Just like other action games, Grand Theft Auto 3 or simply GTA 3 is composed of small missions in which some are not blatant crimes, though most of the others are not legitimate as well. This is contrary to the main theme of the game to some extent as the protagonist has always been a victim of a bully. These small bullies are sometimes important to provoke the player as step by step to climb in the game, they thrust the tasks waiting for the player.

The player is given the option to choose their own means of completing missions in this game, but there are some things which cannot be accomplished without violence. Robbing cars and committing high profile crimes will get you robbed or shot by your victims if they see what’s happening; beating people up won’t make them happy either way–it just leaves an impression as someone who uses force for no reason at all (kind of makes those school yard fights seem worse). The point-and-click interface also takes getting used to because not everything can happen on screen like with previous instalments. But when it comes to play by paying for it, people find the way to play freely without making burden on their pockets.

At this stage, they start looking for alternate options under the name of GTA 3 APK to get a similar level experience without any restriction and paying anything. But there are plenty websites ruling over web claim provide you best gta mod apk which ultimately ended up sticky viruses in your device!

GTA 3 APK Features

The darkly comic story, a chic soundtrack and the revolutionary gameplay are what make this game so great. Plus, it has extended features like:

The cool voice acting with its own unique style will have you on your toes while playing through all sorts of missions with new foes each day. So come play Mod APK today! The features that make it more than just another video game is the extended content with Mod APK!

  • This game provides high-quality resolution
  • This game also provides visually appealing updated characters, graphics, and vehicular models
  • This game provides optimized gameplay for touch screen devices as well!
  • This game provides customized control settings for the Android platform
  • You can play and time and for as long as you want without any time limitations.
  • This game support USB controls


A lot of people play this game, but they might not know that there are some things you can do. Think about what kind of gamer and how often they’re going to want new content in order to keep themselves interested!

Desperate for a way to satisfy your gaming hunger? Prepare yourself with these tips:

  • You must have good performance Android device for smooth gaming experience
  • You need more than 1 GB RAM.
  • You need 2 GB free space so the game will run without any delay.
  • You can play this game in offline mode so; no internet is required as soon as you download the game and install it in your computer.

Download & Install GTA 3 APK

The installation process for this mod should be similar to installing an app on your phone. After downloading the APK file, simply follow these steps:

  • You have to uninstall if there is any previous version of game is downloaded and installed in the computer.
  • After that, install the latest downloaded APK file on your computer.
  • You just need to extract the OBB file.
  • Now extract the OBB file.
  • The last thing to d is to copy “com.rockstar.gta3” and paste it in “Android / OBB folder” location.
  • That’s all! Your game is installed successfully and now you can run your favorite game whenever you want to enjoy its cool features.


There are a few things you should know before jumping into the game. First, there is no manual and it can be difficult to play at first with all of its features–you might want some help! There’s also plenty in-game voice chat so that people will actually talk to each other rather than use text orvenants like “Hey.” Finally, make sure your system has enough memory because this bad boy takes up space (and bandwidth) fast.

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